What’s Trick Art?

Trick art, is felt in three dimensions using the optical illusion
of the human plane picture.
It is a new art to be able to enjoy a very mysterious.

We will be able to watch, touch, and think. And we can
take a picture to the memories.
You can enjoy with your friends, family, lovers everyone.

User Guide


  Trick Art Meikyukan Atamijyo Trick Art + Atamijyo Common Ticket
Adult 900yen 1000yen 1,600yen
Elementary school,
junior high school
450yen 500yen 800yen

※Time required(Case of Camera shooting):About 30min.


住所:熱海市熱海1993熱海城の敷地内 TEL.0557-82-7761

午前 9:00 ~ 午後 5:00(入場は4時30分まで)(年中無休)

100台 駐車可能 料金500円(福祉車輌用駐車場あり(有料) 駐車係員にお尋ねください。)


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Tokyo-Atami Trick Art Large vehicles and passenger cars.Turn left immediately out of the Nishikigaura tunnel.
Ito/Shimoda-Atami Trick Art On the National Highway135, Turn right at the front Nishikigaura tunnel.


Taxi from Atami Station(about 10min.)


To Ito/Ajiro and Taga-Syako Get off at Nishikigaura and Walk(about 10min.)
To Atami-kou and Kourakuen Transfer to ropeway at Cyojyo Station and Walk(about 10min.)


Yu-Yu-Bus from Atami Station(about 13min.) Get off at Atami-Jyomae(Ride free 700 yen a day)